Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How to market in China

Business people are claiming to know the secret of success in marketing to China, especially those who are marketing and selling in China for more years. In fact, China is just like a home for many foreigners, because it brings unique nature for Chinese people and their business. Over the past few years, the Chinese companies have developed and also rapidly becoming more popular in the business systems and practices. It also provides more opportunities and challenges for the Western businesses. These challenges allow the foreigners to carry out the marketing more effectively in China. Most of the Chinese companies can also make an effort to understand the variations and also integrate them into the marketing strategies that give a right chance of succeeding in the China market.
When you are talking about the Chinese attitudes towards the sales and marketing, it is essential to make the distinction between the various kinds of companies operated in China. The marketing staffs in China by multinationals also have more awareness about the different concepts of marketing than the local companies in China. With a larger variation in the marketing practices among the numerous Chinese companies, the foreign companies are very best to take a flexible approach for marketing and sales. When compared to mature markets, the marketing principles in business-to-business markets can be less wisely recognized in China. The salesperson and their principle of selling are highly respected in China.

A guide to market in China
Over the past few years, the China’s approach to marketing has been an incredible journey. When it comes to market in China, here are some effective ideas for marketing to Chinese customers that include:

  • First, you recognize the local differences, because the different regions of China have different kinds of cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. So, you inform the customers react to the marketing  today.
  • Before entering the China market, you have to take some time and do some research whatever the market in China you want to enter.
  • Already, the China has a big e-commerce market, so the high rate of growth in China is rapidly increased over the past few year
  • You should optimize for Chinese search towards Baidu. This is because; Google has limited reach in China instead 70% of internet searches in China happen in Baidu.
  • In order to market in China, definitely you need to have a Chinese version language of your website.
  • To achieve a good rank on Baidu, the text on your site needs to be in very simple and friendly characters.
  • Make sure to have professional translation, instead of inaccurate translation that will spoil the effectiveness of your marketing.
  • Use the professional voice talent for effectively connecting with the consumers.

Important tips on marketing to China

Below are the important tips on marketing to China such as,

  • Choose a Chinese brand name for marketing
  • Do some market research to get started
  • Make sure to adapt your English site into Chinese version
  • Do fine research to drive traffic to your Chinese website
  • Increase your brand awareness through social media
  • A new trend to digital marketing